It can be said that paying attention to green space or human vegetation, in addition to producing oxygen, modulating the ambient temperature, absorbing pollutants and ultimately ecological efficiency, improves the quality of the environment and provides an attractive and social space for interaction and social interaction. brings.

Garden towers can provide a wide range of public and private benefits:

Per capita increase in green space. When the scarcity of green space is very noticeable, garden towers can meet part of this growing need.

Improving the quality of the environment and sustainable urban development

Possibility of optimal use of building spaces

Promoting architectural aesthetics and creating visual beauty for both space users and other citizens

Responding to factors such as natural insulation (thermal, moisture and sound) of the building,

Create eye-catching surfaces in the facade,

Integration of artificial structure with nature,

Helps reduce air pollution, increase the oxygen ratio of the air

Green terrace

Garden terraces or green terraces, in addition to adding beauty to the facade of the building, can act as a high-efficiency system for rainwater harvesting, biodiversity and reduce the effect of heat island. Green terraces with semi-open spaces can be used as a place to relax or entertain guests and as a private green space maintain human connection with nature.