"Arina" is a name derived from the word "Arian" and is attributed to an Iranian person. But in mythology and culture, Arina has been the name of the sun goddess.

Anyway, Arina, like many of our projects, can be considered a Persian and native title.

A building located in the middle of the two regions of Velenjak and Zafaranieh, called Makooi-Pour North Street, which has a special geographical location. Because in addition to unique access to highways and main streets, it also has a temperate and mountainous climate in and around it.

The arena is built on 13 floors, 9 of which are residential and four of which are common. Complete and impeccable facilities such as Roofgarden, sports complex, unique and luxurious lobby, meeting hall and…

All these capacities and potentials are used only for 9 residential units, each of which is used individually and independently.